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We provide support, bring opportunities to people living in unprivileged areas to fulfill their dreams. We connect the people in need to the people interested in bringing help . We bring trust to the fund raising and donation process . We give wings to the little birds so they can fly high and length sky. We aim for girl child development and making them self sustainable and empowered . We are the one off the fastest growing family .

In good or bad , who stand with you is your family , and we aim towards building the greatest family ever .

With the idea of changing world , we are trying to bring about the change in life’s of as many as possible . We bring legal , economical , physical , social and all major helps , to the people who are not able to get due to any conditions .We include medical services to the society from time to time. Our network is spread across all major fields and areas of interest . We serve to the society with a motto " that no one goes empty handed from us " and we can help each and every one out ,in every possible way.

The bigger and better the family , the more help and care it can provide .

Acting and linking across many nations ( Canada, Australia , England , Russia, Europe ,and many more ) gives us more better support to help and work for the people in need . Raising funds across globe helps us deal with great number of opportunities , which prove as turning point to lot number of lives . Having strong hold in Rajasthan and Haryana gives us more to work for girls ,families and society. Our vast spreading network will help us to be one of the largest social working group in the world .

Come and join hands with us , hands in hands will make the world a better place to live.

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We want to build a world for better living , taking hands in hands , providing equal strength and resource to everyone , giving opportunities to the unprivileged , establishing brotherhood and team work. A single person is weak but together non is so weak to get suppressed . Making the little girl birds fly high we see an hope of better living world than today , we pledge to bring a better tomorrow everyday .

Our Members



Managing Director

Deep vision and leadership for the society , with motto of building a better tomorrow . Young mind with master abilities ..



Vice President

Guiding hand , worked as IT professional now aims at improving society with his skills and projects ..




Experienced businessman running Kaushik Timber trading company , soft hearted for the people in need.



Social Manager & Treasurer

Free and experienced hand over controlling social and non-social matters with positive approach..



BPSO Vice President

Excellency in running business and good hand at conversations and maintaining business relations

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We offer platform for those who need help , and lacks in support . So come and register yourself and get assured help ...

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